A Dream of Audrey…

Originally Posted on Apr 28, 2012

As soon as I had arrived at the Hollywood Roosevelt, I unpacked after the unusually smooth check-in process, enjoyed a long, tall glass of iced tea, and felt the call of the styled.

I headed for the elevator, and felt I truly hit terra firma when I landed in the lobby and was swept up in the hustle and bustle of preparations for the festival. Club TCM was still being tweaked and polished, but the Givenchy juggernaut was pressing me on. The doors were flung wide open, and I stepped in.

All was unusually quiet, but a man was feverishly reviewing notes at a table just to the right as I entered. I quietly interrupted his reverie, and enquired if I might move closer to the warm glow that would eventually draw every mover and shaker to sift through the crush of the party central crowd.

The glass case was almost humming with electricity as I grew closer to one of the most beautiful gowns ever seen on film, and ever worn by Audrey Hepburn. I felt my pulse quicken as each step I made drew me closer to the dress that would mesmerize me and every other passholder bold enough to venture near.

I heard myself gasp as I stood before that lovely creation, and it held me in suspended animation for a moment that I hope will never dissolve from my memory.

As I glanced at the lovely appliqued buds in the flowers varying in shades of black and grey, my eyes slowly fell to the floor of the luminous glass case, and I saw something that I never expected to see. I had never noticed it in the photos, and certainly never realized it was there when I viewed Sabrina, but the 3- inch black ruffle surrounding the hem of the garment was like a ruffly strand of icing on the cake.

THE DRESS on display in Club TCM at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

In the film, when Audrey is standing on the grass as she makes that breathtaking entrance, the little black ruffle is obviously overstaged by the understated elegance of Audrey. Entranced by the entirety of seeing the gown in person, and being surprised by its delicacy of its creation, finding and realizing the ruffle had been there all the time so surprised me, I heard myself say “oh, how lovely,” but no one really heard me.

Every time since that first glance at Givenchy inspiration, I would always gravitate to the shrine no matter how many times I breezed through Club TCM, and I wasn’t the only passholder astonished at some aspect of its spectrum of loveliness. Several times I heard visitors gasp and say, “Why, I didn’t know it had a ruffle on the hem!”

Someone heard me after all. Maybe it was Audrey.

The dress was personally chosen by Miss Hepburn from Givenchy’s 1953 collection.For more about that lovely silk organdy overlay or the deliacy of the applique,
follow this link to the dress diary from Sunday Couture at :

Don’t forget to have fun!

Originally posted on April 28, 2012

TCM Festival 2012

Apr 11, 2012 12:21 AM

Just arrived this afternoon, and The Hollywood Roosevelt is all abuzz….passholders are arriving from all over the country, Canada, and Great Britain. Met a cute Australian in the elevator, but he’s not here for the festival…

The weather is delightful, and it’s brisk and cool here at night. The lovely Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina is safely encased in a lovely display in Club TCM, which is definitely decorated and arranged differently from last year.

TCM sent an email to passholders about some special events in the lobby. so check it out if you haven’t seen it already.

FYI, I just saw Elvis (impersonator) at CVS. He was buying some bottled water.
More later…