Sue Sue and lovely Theresa Madere at the Vanity Fair party… I had so much fun meeting and enjoying the bubbly company of energetically adorable Butterscotchgreer(Theresa Madere) who’s been posting on the TCM Message Boards since she was 16. Watching her film an interview with Ben Mankiewicz (who gave her a little kiss “goodbye” at the end of her interview, BTW), was so much fun. The entire interview, with special video Theresa filmed at home in Texas, can be viewed on the video gallery here: http://filmfestival.tcm.com/about/video-gallery.php

(Theresa’s interview is the last one entered for 4/26.)

A kind, gracious woman greeted me as I entered The TCL Chinese Theatre for the Gala Premiere Restoration of Funny Girl, and she posed for pictures and answered questions. Passholders told her how happy they were to see her at the festival, and she said she was very happy to be a part of it…

But shortly after I had met Ann Blyth as I entered Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, I met a lady who completely shocked me. She was wearing the exact same satin floor-length Chinese dress I was wearing!

“How dare you!” I shouted. But she just stared blankly at me, and said not a word. I was incensed. The very idea!”

Evidently, she had been there for quite a while. Hence the enigmatic, unconcerned expression. Traditionally, there had been three wax dummies wearing authentic costumes from Cathay, China, who surrounded a wax figure of Rhonda Fleming seated in the chair pictured above. Evidently, Rhonda’s wax figure from the Hollywood Wax Museum was featured because she had been married to Ted Mann, a former owner of the theater. Movie stars, writers, directors, and producers considered it good luck to come and rub the shoulder of one of the three female Chinese figures who had traditionally graced the West Wing of the lobby at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, now the TCL Chinese Theatre, which is currently being renovated. The shoulders of the figures would be “rubbed for good luck” before embarking on a new venture or before a premiere. It is one of these traditional wax figures that is encased in glass in the lobby! So I kept telling that story while I was wearing that dress, and then I would wiggle one of my shoulders! 😆

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