Cinematic Cities: The Big Apple On The Big Screen

Say “Noo Yawk City” to someone from Texas, and it might elicit a shudder. Images of chili with beans, a dearth of longnecks, biscuits and gravy without grits, hot dogs with sauerkraut, and a grimace instead of a friendly smile might just make a visitor turn around and head for the bus station.

But for cinema devotees, classic film buffs, movie lovers, and plain ole’ fans of classic films, or cinephiles, as the ‘auteur’ crowd refers, a collection of cafes, cantinas and film locations is a treasure trove of tidbits that tantalize.

Christian Blauvelt’s new book for TCM’s Running Press, highlights haunts of the rich and famous like The Chelsea Hotel, scenes of notoriety and a place of solace. Central Park, Katz’s Delicatessen, The Statue of Liberty, the brownstone where Moonstruck was filmed and many more well-known film locations are spotlighted in this in-depth study of how New York City is silently a character in hundreds of well-known films from the drawing board of Hitchcock to Andy Warhol’s factory productions.

And it has maps for the intrepid, seasoned traveler….

Lower Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, Uptown Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn are revealed as some of the most recognizable places from America’s collective movie memory. Stylish watering holes like Tavern On The Green and The Russian Tea Room serve the fanciest liquid refreshments and the tastiest delicacies as well as being featured on the silver screen. The setting of Times Square, also included in the book, is the perfect New Year’s Eve haunt to watch annual numbers move forward with or without a magnum of champagne.

No matter where you hail from, even the most seasoned aficionados will find a filmiliar fact or two to fascinate.

These sailors made it fashionable!

Cinematic Cities: New York is a detailed account of a popular place that would be a welcome addition to to any film lover’s library. And there are plenty of smiles to go around…

Find The Big Apple On The Big Screen here.

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